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#28290 Wow, What Happened Here?

Posted by Lyndell on 16 April 2015 - 05:13 AM in General Discussions

Hi! This site used to be soooo busy.  Posts from all sides of the world several times a day.  Sadly when I check in, its the same.  There's very little to respond to unfortunately.  I think maybe its because EL doesn't market the solids very well and hasn't for a number of years.  I can't remember the last time they called me to tell me about a solid or invited me to a showing.  I don't even see very many on this site or the web anymore.  I haven't seen a catalogue in years and the salesgirls at David Jones and Myer aren't that interested.  Some don't even know what a solid perfume is, let alone that it is/was a collectible.  It's like the whole solid industry has closed down.


The devaluation of our solids made many of us lose interest and we realised that we were probably wasting our money and there were more important things or better ways of investing our money.  EL seemed to lose interest in the product and in its customers.  Sadly our interest waned and with it our ability to have information to share with our Solidperfume friends.  It is very sad and I do still enjoy dropping by, often just as a guest.  I would love to see everyone back here saying "hi", but I guess life moves on and sadly Lisa's hard work and website may also one day move on.  I will continue to enjoy dropping by every now and then, even if I have no news to contribute.  I hope everyone is doing well.