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#19481 What Would You Save

Posted by Eggcentricity on 05 September 2005 - 08:21 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Amen Sandra. My sister Barbara & brother in law Geoffry are in the Atlanta area. 5000+ have arrived there so far in need of help. Geoff is a Red Cross volunteer and working long hours but very glad to be helping. Poor Barb broke her wrist (freak accident) and had to wait over 5 hours in ER for a doctor but she's such an angel she wouldn't complain and says it is not so bad just a simple fracture - said she feels lucky. Guess we who are out of it really are fortunate. Count your blessings, kiss your kids, thank your lucky star. Dorothea

QUOTE(Sandra @ Sep 5 2005, 05:58 PM)
Yep - I would've been out of there when the evacuation notices were given . . . still, it's easy to say that when you may have family or friends and the finances to be able to do this with.

I think of the city I am in and realise that whilst the financially stable and able would be able to 'escape', there would be many of thousands left behind who may not have had the same options.  I don't want to start an argument or heated debate, but I guess they are deemed that they have 'chosen' to stay when their real options may have been limited.  Where do you go if you have no means?

For those able to 'drive' away, you are blessed.
For those able to 'fly' away, you are blessed.
For those able to 'hurricane proof' their homes, you are blessed.
For those able to help others - you are a blessing!

I hope and pray and watch from afar that the people of New Orleans will be able to regenerate their city and spirit in time to come, like any place in the world who have faced adversity from Mother Nature or otherwise.  It's very sad what has happened and the way some people have reacted to it.

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#18443 The Best And Worst

Posted by Eggcentricity on 25 July 2005 - 09:07 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi! Boy I am stumped ~ I'm still new at using this site so forgive me if my post looks weird, not too sure about the coding that seems to be required to get this added to the page..


My most favorite solid: The Firey Fox (must be tired, can't tell if firey is spelled correctly, looks funny at the moment - sigh - time to call it a day)
Least favorite: the golden rope with the blue stone, just does not appeal to me
I am from: Palermo, Maine
Number of solids in my collection: 2, I just bought the Fairy sniffing a flower, she's beautiful! and I also recently won the cherry that looks like a tiny apple on eBay.

Collector for: just started last month, although I do also have 2 of the powder compacts,the lady bug and the frog, I bought those a few years ago at Filene's. They don't seem to carry the really fancy perfume collectibles anywhere in Maine, at least I haven't seen them. Nice to find your site and have a chance to see all the wonderful creations! GREAT topic, lots of fun to read what others like - ;-)