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#20062 Happy Birthday ...

Posted by sandy on 13 October 2005 - 12:14 PM in General Discussions

hi ken

also happy birthday from wollerau (switzerland).

we hope you will have a very nice birthday and some of your whishes will come true, so that you will never vergot this special day.

have a great time

sandra, alex, christian and kevin

#19780 First Compact Meeting 2005

Posted by sandy on 04 October 2005 - 11:10 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

a big thank you to liliane and hans

which give us european collectors the change to meet us.

it was very special to meet so many solid collectors, from different countrys in our little country.

and it made it very special, because ann and ken where also there. thank you for the presents. it was nice to meet you and i hope we will be in touche for many years.

ann and ken, i hope you will have a lot of nice memories to to tanke home with you. have a good trip home!

lilian has a big collection and she has a very special hand to present (dislpay) her beautiful collection. ohhhhhhhhhh, she has sooooooo many solids i am missing!!!!!!!! but i hope my small collection will grow up.

now, it was nice to meet you all!!!

it was a great time we had together, but the time was to short. so i am sure to be there on the second convention next year. i am looking forward to meet you all again.

thank you lilian and hans for the good time and the presents

hope you all have a great solid-time


sandra (sandy)