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#21914 Travel Info - Australia/new Zealand

Posted by Carolyn on 07 June 2006 - 08:06 AM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Jacqueline @ Jun 4 2006, 09:03 AM)
My next door neighbour (friend) has just come back from a 3 month trip.
Am sure she would have some tips for you.    There was a special wine
which she mentioned.      Cloudy Bay???

Lucky you! smile.gif

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Ahhh, Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc - last week I bought hubby three for our wedding anniversary. Beautiful and comes from New Zealand Marlborough area. Claimed by many as the best white in the world! Costs around $33AUD which is about $28US.

Adelaide (my place) is a launch pad to Kangaroo Island where you will see most Australian wildlife in 1 hit, plus beautiful and rugged coastal scenery. February is a perfect time to visit and it will be Hot Hot Hot!

You can get a direct flight to New Zealand, so maybe start in QLD (Great Barrier Reef) down to Sydney, Adelaide then KI, then off to NZ.

You will enjoy!

#21576 Cyclone Larry.....australia

Posted by Carolyn on 23 March 2006 - 01:05 AM in General Discussions

Hello lovely people

How kind you all are to think of us.

As Karen explained the cyclone was well to the north of Australia and that area is very prone to cyclones. Thankfully while the storm was actually rated higher than Katrina, our land is not below sea level like it is in New Orleans, so the flooding was not the same as experienced in the US.

But again the Govts arent reacting as well as they should, with their relief packages. Most of the Banana crop has been wiped out and will be 18 months before back to normal. Bananas are the most bought item in our supermarkets! So we will all feel that effect next week when the price will soar.

In SA, our risk is bushfires - we dont get cyclones fortunately. I think we are overdue for a serious one in the capital, although last year 10 people were killed in a fire in a country area.

So thankyou again for your kind thoughts.....

#21188 Aussie Open

Posted by Carolyn on 24 January 2006 - 08:39 PM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Sandra @ Jan 25 2006, 07:40 AM)
What about the guy from Cyprus?  I hope he gets to the final - he is just a joy to watch as he enjoys it so much!

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Yes, he is great to watch and I should imagine very annoying to play against because he just kind of gets in the way! Not sure if the crowds (or should I say umpires) could handle a final with him in it though!

Women - I'm thinking Clijsters unless she is carrying her injuries still. Martine is going great but I think if her last match against Sam had gone to 3 sets she might not be match fit. Don't really like the others too much! tongue.gif

#21179 Aussie Open

Posted by Carolyn on 24 January 2006 - 02:54 AM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Carolyn @ Jan 19 2006, 12:51 PM)
Nalbandian is the go I think - cant see Roddick getting there but the Aus Open can be an unpredictable event.

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I'm still sticking with Nalbandian! Going to be 40 again in Melbourne on Australia Day (26th January) and while we are at it, as the mum of a Sri Lankan born child - go the Lankans in the cricket

#21129 Aussie Open

Posted by Carolyn on 19 January 2006 - 08:49 PM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Carolyn @ Jan 19 2006, 12:51 PM)

I dont think Lleyton will go far this year - I think he has discovered a life other than tennis! 

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Well, that was prophetic, wasn't it. Didnt mean to put the mockers on him! He just didnt seem to have it on the night and now he is blaming the court speed! I think he kept looking sideways at Bec too! Something was distracting him. Oh well, next time maybe.

Sandra, you have more faith in Phillipousis than I do. He has size, and awesome talent on his side yet just cant get his act right. Such a waste.

Would love to see Hingis do well, and I was hoping Dokic might have done better now that she has escaped her father.

#21126 Aussie Open

Posted by Carolyn on 18 January 2006 - 10:21 PM in General Discussions

Hi there
I dont think Lleyton will go far this year - I think he has discovered a life other than tennis! His parents will be very cross - they put all their time into him and maybe he has already seen his peak. Not my favourite person at all though - and he comes from my area! I saw he and his former fiancee (Kym Clysters) at my gym a couple of years ago, and they were beeing given the tour of the gym by an instructor there, who later became his coach - Roger Rasheed. Interesting how life turns out!

Nalbandian is the go I think - cant see Roddick getting there but the Aus Open can be an unpredictable event. It is VERY HOT in Adelaide atm which means that Melbourne will get it in the next day or so - around 104 degrees for those Fahrenheit people! Which will make centre court around, hm, 70 celcius but not sure what this is in Fahrenheit! Very very hot though! Maybe they might have to cancel for the day - Occ health and all that!

#21114 Oh No Not Again

Posted by Carolyn on 16 January 2006 - 10:02 PM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Jacqueline @ Jan 17 2006, 09:14 AM)
I remember a friend living in Cheltenham having to have the tree in
her garden felled  as the roots were damaging the house!      No option

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Hi Jacqueline

In Australia it doesnt matter if the tree is damaging your house if the tree is protected!

This is because the Council says there is no way to ascertain which roots are doing the damage as the roots can be several metres long! We are in a situation where we have a native brush cherry in our garden (Lillipilli) which is HUGE. Planted by former owners. There is a 'new' 10 year old duplex built next door. We asked our council if we could chop the tree back or down - they said no way - the developers of the duplex should have ensured that their development was safe from the tree roots!!! It wasnt the trees fault and because it is on the street frontage we cant do anything!

#21113 Oh No Not Again

Posted by Carolyn on 16 January 2006 - 09:57 PM in General Discussions

QUOTE(VEGAS LADY @ Jan 17 2006, 08:53 AM)



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Hi Margaret
The 'gum' trees are Australian eucalyptus and are native, and hence once they reach a certain height and trunk width they are protected by council law. Mostly this is OK but these trees are known for just 'dropping a branch' even when there is no disease.

There is a current law suit going on in Aus because 1 man was concerned that his protected tree was in danger of dropping a limb and that someone was going to get hurt. He applied to the local council (who are usually disgusting little bureaucrats) who refused to allow him to remove the tree. Well, the man was correct, the tree did drop a limb, unfortunately on top of the man and he was killed! His family are rightfully suing the council! The Council are trying to absolve themselves from blame! Which is why most Australians hate their local councils!

#21091 Oh No Not Again

Posted by Carolyn on 15 January 2006 - 04:23 AM in General Discussions

QUOTE(Sandra @ Jan 9 2006, 06:20 AM)

Having to constantly clean my pool because my neighbour's huge tree is over it and continually drops bark, nuts, leaves etc etc in it.

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Oh Sandra I am so with you on that one having spent the last two days cleaning our pool and patio because of our neighbours gum tree! Before Christmas it is bark, after Christmas it is leaves and nuts! Driving me batty!

#19255 Snow In Australia!

Posted by Carolyn on 25 August 2005 - 02:02 AM in General Discussions

Goodness Aussie Girl, I never knew that! Kangaroo meat is in every Butcher shop and Supermarket here! I dont like it myself because I dont like gamey meat but family love it!

Have also eaten rattlesnake in Arizona, reindeer? Nope, couldnt do it!

#19230 Snow In Australia!

Posted by Carolyn on 23 August 2005 - 11:58 PM in General Discussions

This is such a funny thread! Lots of chuckles.

I live in the Adelaide foothills and we have Koalas and kookaburras in our suburb, which is about 5 kilometres from the centre of the city. We have heaps of goannas too, which scare us sometimes because we think they are snakes.

We get snow in the foothills maybe once or twice a year, but none that we can ski on. NSW and Victoria have excellent snowfields though. I am sure you would all have heard of the Thredbo disaster a few years ago.

We dont see platypus (platypi) at all, but kangaroos are frequent a few k's up the road. Adelaide is much smaller than Sydney or Melbourne and we tend to get more wildlife as a result. But we take them for granted I guess. Kangaroo Island is in our state, and this is the BEST way to see all the Australian wildlife in 1 easy hit. The only problem on KI is that there are TOO MANY Koalas here and they are eating themselves out of their habitat. They have tried sterilising them but their pop size is expanding rapidly. So they are being culled, which is really sad.

Also, we regularly eat kangaroo - which bears the thought, does any other nation eat their National Emblem? We really are a weird bunch!

#18393 The Best And Worst

Posted by Carolyn on 24 July 2005 - 02:34 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Most Favourite - love the tea party series - petit four, tea cup and teapot (but dont have them!) and the black cat on a pillow.
Least Favourite - maybe some of the animal series?
From Adelaide in South Australia
Have only been collecting for 6 months (but looking for years! ) so only have about 10 solids, several of which are powder compacts!

#18038 1st Bad Experience With Ebay

Posted by Carolyn on 01 July 2005 - 01:01 AM in General Discussions

Hi Sandra
That is exactly what happened! sad.gif I had to pay a very large amount in shipping costs, this means the seller avoids having to pay ebay fees. Then, they would only accept payment by cash payment, I just knew it was going to go wrong! So I wasnt protected by ebay because firstly the postage is never reimbursed, and second I wasnt able to use PayPal. I didnt want to risk a negative feedback, so what to do!

I think I have bought maybe 20 items over ebay and this is the first wrong one, and I have got some great bargains so guess you just take the good with the bad.

I had received an email from ebay before I had paid for this item, because another item very similar to the one I had won, was withdrawn. So I checked with ebay to make sure that this item was genuine before I paid. They said the transaction was fine! So I paid.

Them they acted all dumb when I lodged a complaint, and offered me such pearls of advice like "try and email the seller. Often these disputes can be resolved" - as if I hadnt tried that first! I sent that ebay person a little rocket email for treating me like an idiot ohmy.gif

#18035 1st Bad Experience With Ebay

Posted by Carolyn on 30 June 2005 - 06:35 PM in General Discussions

I just had to add my bit too. I have bought many items off ebay, but only until last month did I have a problem. My seller deregistered themselves within hours of me paying. So it meant I cannot leave any feedback on them!

I reported them immediately to ebay, they say they can do nothing, because the seller isnt replying to their emails! WHAT!

Four weeks later still nothing so i reported them to an Agency of the FBI, and sent the seller an email saying that the FBI had their contact details. Got an immediate reply saying they had sent my goods. Two weeks later the goods arrived, absolute rubbish items and not as described (nothing like it really) but cant do anything.

Harass your seller more, tell them you have reported them to this site:


which is an internet fraud site. So at least they will have some sleepless nights!

But there are some very good sellers out there too!

#17944 2005 Harrods Solids

Posted by Carolyn on 23 June 2005 - 07:05 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

I agree with that Sandra - or maybe our bulldogs look different here in Ozland laugh.gif

I think it is way too broad in the shoulder area and the paws are also out of whack to me. Much too thick - bulldog legs are much more refined. Guess I really dont like I suppose! sad.gif