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#10329 Solids For Sale

Posted by barbara on 20 April 2004 - 12:34 PM in General Discussions

Hi Everyone,

I have been a member since October 2003, but this is the first time I have signed on the "chat" with you. I do read the "chats" almost daily and have learned alot from all of you.

I am a member of the IPBA and will be in Reston next week for the convention.
I am going to be an exhibitor in the main Showroom for some of my perfume bottle collection, and will be in the Collectors Market as well.

The reason for the note is to let you know that if anyone is interested in older solids, I am going to have 277 for sale out of my room...We plan to arrive Wednesday afternoon and hopefully be set up by that evening...We will post the room number, indicating "277 Solids for sale", No Estee Lauder. Not ready to sell those yet!!!

Thanks so much and look forward to seeing some of you in Reston.

Barbara Summey

PS, if anyone know where I can find a Rodney Bear, I would appreciate the info.