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#11255 The Great Solid Perfume Guessing Contest

Posted by Carol on 03 June 2004 - 07:40 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hello Lisa,
It's been a long while since I'veviewed or posted to your site. I'm checking in before I leave for Las Vegas tomorrow and saw your wonderful contest so I have to add my guess. I hope there are 84 compacts carefully placed in that jar!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas!

#4170 Christmas Camellia - Red

Posted by Carol on 22 July 2003 - 11:30 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

The posts reminded me of the day I found my Ivory Foo Dog. My brother likes to go to flea markets had he convinced me to go with him to one I have attended before but found it to be junk and not substance so I had not been there in years. However, this particular day I gave in and met him there. I entered the main entrance and there on the table right next to me was the ivory Foo Dog. I could hardly contain myself. I grabed it, held it, peeked at it to make sure it was really in my hands and then stole a look at the price......that's when I needed the oxygen. It was under market value by about $500!!! When I met up with my Brother, I was grinning from ear to ear and when he looked at my treasure, he said "I hope you didn't pay too much for THAT". Of course, he didn't understand the treasure I had just found. So, Mimi, go to your First Monday In Canton Sale and search everywhere, you never know where your treasure will turn up!

Enjoy, Carol


Posted by Carol on 03 July 2003 - 09:47 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi, I have a question for all the British collectors on this site. I have a friend going to London, England next week. She has offered to go to Harrod's for me to pick up any solids I don't have. Can anyone tell me what currently is available at the Harrod's in London? I sure WISH the 2003 solids were in!!

#3292 Showgirl

Posted by Carol on 18 June 2003 - 09:55 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

The Showgirl is really much nicer in real life. I would have liked to see more stones on the headpiece because they are usually very "fancy and glittery" but it is such a fabulous piece, I'm happy with the updated version.

#3353 Las Vegas

Posted by Carol on 18 June 2003 - 02:20 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi Ann & Ken,
YES, it's ME...Ann, glad you are such a wiz at the computer now. Must give Ken more time for his hobbies. I missed you BOTH! I couldn't come to Orlando because my husband had just had surgery but I was able to make it to Las Vegas and it was a GREAT time! Meeting Jay Strongwater was definitely one of the "highs" of the Convention. Thanks for "finding" me on Lisa's site!

#3351 Las Vegas

Posted by Carol on 18 June 2003 - 01:27 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi Lisa,
I'm finally on the site! You do a great job here. Las Vegas was so much fun and the Estee Lauder Brunch was fabulous. I stayed at the Paris Hotel on 6/15, surprised I didn't bump into you there. Hi klassicguy1...I'm glad you are THRILLED with the solid you bought from me...enjoy! Now, if only I could find the rhinestone apple and pear or maybe a Harrod's Shopping Bag. In my "dreams", I guess! Oh, and the Imperial Princess and Kissing Fish. Still need a "few" to round out my collection. Look forward to "meeting" the members I don't know yet.