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#28312 2015 News

Posted by butterflies1219 on 18 September 2015 - 08:38 PM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi all! Lisa and Jack I am hoping the solid perfume database can be updated soon, I have some solids after 2011 I would love to add to my collection database! I miss y'all's chatter! Hi to Petals, Daisy, Sandra, Woody, Bridgette, Ann and Ken and PE Parry! hoping to see you at next years Portland IPBA convention!

I am on Facebook and have a page if anyone would like to check it out. Wishing everyone happy solid perfume hunting!


#28287 New Forum And Bug Fixes

Posted by butterflies1219 on 11 February 2015 - 01:00 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Hi Jack and Lisa! I hope you are both well. Any chance that the site will be updating pics in the database again to cover up to 2014? There are gaps with recent solid perfume releases. I really use the my collection portion of this site to keep up with my solids and I have some of the newer ones, but can't enter them. I would hope it could stimulate activity here too. Thank you both for all your super work!!!

#28286 New Breast Cancer Awareness Solid

Posted by butterflies1219 on 11 February 2015 - 12:39 AM in General Lauder Solids Talk

Here is one of the three released for 2014. The EL Pleasures Charming Bow pendant sold perfume compact at saks!


#28285 Wow, What Happened Here?

Posted by butterflies1219 on 10 February 2015 - 10:50 PM in General Discussions

Hi petals! I am not sure either what has happened. I see that there are new members joining on the site page. Welcome if you are a new member!! I do think Facebook has stolen some, but not all the thunder. I am still collecting but haven't done much due to my dad going into hospice end of life care. I am glad to see you my familiar friend!!

I was surprised that no one commented on the 2014 holiday releases. Bridgette where are you! I miss her picture postings. I did see the high heel sandal, unsure of the name, released at saks. I made the mistake of not purchasing it right away and it sold out very quickly! It was super cute!! I hope the ester lauder folks know we are still here and still love the solids as much as ever. I really thought the three presented by Aerin Lauder for breast cancer last year were very wearable and fun for a great cause!

Petals and newbies I will try to pop in with more posts. If you are new be sure to check out past posts on care of your solid perfumes, aging and no they are not really refillable. The info can help you enjoy collecting our beautiful solid perfumes!

Jenn in jax,fl