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20 June 2007 - 12:55 PM

unsure.gif I joined this website a couple of years ago but really did not pursue. I just got an incredible deal on Ebay and decided to hit this site again and was very discouraged to see that the resale prices have gone down here as well.

BUT I want to assure you that this is happening with EVERYTHING! You see, I am a part time Ebay seller myself who specializes in Disney items mostly. I use Ebay to pay for my collecting habits and one of those habits comes in the form of Estee Lauder perfume solids. I don't buy a lot, but my income has gone down.

ALL SALES ARE DOWN. It is not just the perfume solids. Where you used to be able to list something for $10 and see it go way up, you don't dare do that anymore. You have to list for the minimum of what you want to get which costs more in fees and discourages a lot of people from listing.

Where I used to sell about 80% of what I listed, I am now selling around 35% of what I am listing. It is horribly discouraging. But when the economy turns around I have every confidence that this will too.

Please don't be discouraged!