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To Mib Or Not To Mib

17 October 2005 - 11:37 PM

Hi. I"m fairly new to collecting (about 3 yrs of standard holiday issues and Jay Strongwater), but have loved and kept track of EL perfume compacts since my mother gave me a few when I was rather young (a bunny and elephant from the 70's i've yet to identify and sadly, no longer own.) but after reading some of your posts, i feel terribly ignorant.
my main philosophy to collecting is to buy only what i love. (so, far, i don't really collect for value, but I am conscious of it. ) I'm an enamel and crystal junkie, though, so love a lot. so far i only buy new, with both boxes, tags, etc. i do use the perfume because something in me hates the idea of it ageing and curling up around the edges. Since i buy what i love (and i really do love the little treasures i do buy), i don't really plan to sell and I'm wondering if I'm wasting my money buying the new with all the packaging. i could buy more if i didn't insist on all the trimmings. yet i like knowing i have all the trimmings. does that make any sense?
i'm confused because i could buy more if i weren't so picky. and yet, since i'm buying, i want to be picky. a conundrum. do many of you sort of dance a little dance of compromise....insisting that what you love is MIB, but accepting "less than" on others that aren't your favorites?. or do some of you do just the opposite -- buy what you love when you're fortunate to find it, regardless of boxes, tags, etc?

i've only dealt with saks in the past (just added the flacon and boudoir brush to my collection), but have been "playing the field "lately (neiman, bergdorf). i love both lanterns and the dragon and parasol are screaming at me as well. (i'm also especially fond of the bejewelled bottle, too, but have no idea where to get it as i've only seen this pic on this site. ) my poor husband gets that, "what have you done now?????........." look every time he spies me at the computer..........

any way, great site, lisa. a wealth of information that i've been using as a resources much longer than i've been a member!