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16 April 2005 - 09:47 AM

It is a plated and assembled version of the Dragon Compact(test sample). I am unsure of why it would have perfume in it. Not familiar with the protocol in this situation. With this in mind I have two possible guesses. First, it was a test sample sent to estee lauder for purposes of testing of the fill on it(ie volume, production setup, etc.) or as someone mentioned that it may have be a reject filled by someone with sticky fingers. Or it is an over run piece which found its way to the web in the same manner as the reject.

Further I would use caution with regards the finish surface in this case. More likely than not it was polished properly. If it was for fill testing only it may have only been quickly finished. However, alternatively it may be a production reject that someone got a hold of and filled themself to hock on ebay. In which case there may be minor to greater flaws in it.

Regardles of its origin it is an unfinished estee dragon to answer the question.