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El Vouchers

06 June 2004 - 08:53 PM

Does anyone know what happened to Roselyn? I heard she collapsed early this morning.

I found out today after asking around how the new vouchers will work for the purchases made at the LV store and also at the Manhasset store. One more time we are getting screwed.

the maximum amount that any collector can receive in any given year which starts July 1st is $300.00 I originally thought that it was $300.00 per $1500 perchase, but it does not matter if someone buys $4500.00 worth of solids they will only get a maximum of $300.00 which will be issued in a form of a voucher and will be able to be redeemed only the following year on subsequent purchases. Which means, we will have to buy under our husbands, sons, daughters etc....and buy only $1500.00 per person.
They are doing this in order to cut Neiman and Saks out of the market, but I think if we call our reps at these stores, they will probably match the discounts and do even better..... Lets get together on this one.