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27 May 2004 - 12:22 AM

Hi Denise: Thanks for your kind words and honesty. You have the ability to look at both sides of the solids biggrin.gif When I joined I was looking for expert advice as I am still a new. I do buy and sell mostly because I love the solids so much that at times I have bought too much. I swap and sometimes add something I really want bad. My timing was poor on the Jester. I said that I would purchase and am a person of my word so I went and bought knowing I would have to give him up. I noticed a member had bought and I do hope you enjoy for years to come.

I could not read all the messages as they really were hurtful. I now can understand everyoneŪs concern. I did have two sales that I regret. One was from a Frenchman that solicited me. He had changed id and had a poor record. This was my first sale and I was so excited. I shipped and insured. He wrote in my record that he never got solid. I just wrote him and told him that I was going to report to the US government this item missing and that there would be an investigation. If I did not get a solid I would have e-mailed the person first, which he did not do, and he waited till the last day to put a neutral post. Had I not gotten the solid, I would have used a stronger message. I thought something was fishy. Seems as soon as I said the US was going to investigate him, he replied that he did in fact get the solid and is no longer a member of e-bay.

The second was another out of country buyer that wanted me to ship to a friend in the states to save postage. This time they said that I sent an auto part and not a compact. Now I know nothing of auto parts and was even afraid that a bomb was sent to me as I did not know what this person was sending back. Long story short, I refunded their money and they were kind enough to split the loss. I have not had a good experience with out of country so that is why I will not sell to anyone out of the US anymore. I have looked to the board to help and for leadership. I must admit at one point I felt no guidance what so ever only people trying to solve žmysteriesÓ. Feel free to e-mail me if curious instead. As you can see I am happy to inform, disclose, and befriend everyone. Thank you for your offer for photos. I was not warned by this site instead just shut down by e-bay. I will not make this mistake in the future. I appreciate that you have been here for me, also for the lessons learned by everyone.

I hope this will end the mysteries of Kathy1717. Oh, one last puzzle solved. I have to have new passwords for about everything I do. It seemed the easiest way for me to remember another password and that is how I chose my name. I had enrolled once before and messed it up and wanted to use÷..Kathy

In Topic: Looking For The "jester"

22 May 2004 - 12:09 AM

I agree, and thank you all. There is a huge learning curve on e-bay and I have also been burned. Well looks like taking the curve at warp speed and should be walking in step with everyone now. I appreciate your help and forgivness.


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20 May 2004 - 02:14 AM

Hello all; I have been notified by Lisa that there was all this talk. I am acctually quite surprised. I was just going on as we all do, trying to keep things together but as I read I felt that I needed to contact you all.

As I had posted I was looking for the Jester desperatly. I was e-mailing all kinds of places not just here. I wound up finding two. I only bought one and found some news about my health. Panicking (my husband would throw the collection out or sell for 25 cents at garage sale) I decided for many reasons to part with him. I'm have figured it out that if lucky, with e-bay, paypal and final value I may break even and that was the only thing at this point I was looking for.

Time to fess up. On that end if you want the "dirt" I was doing some buying and selling of items. If I found something cheap I would pick it up and sell for a small profit. It kind of takes my mind off of things. When I used a old photo most of the time it was what I had just bought. Yet I had collected so many photos that I got a little confused. I didn't know all the rules and I was in the wrong. Lisa has kindly corrected me. I am in the process of selling all kind things I have collected for years so that someone else can treasure them as I have. I have never lied to or covered up a flaw to make a sale and I think that the people that have purchased from me are very happy.

There are a few that I will never part with and I am still in love with estee soilds so I will probably still buy and yes, if I feel like it sell. But I don't want to be kicked out of the club nor thought of as a bad person. I just have been bombarded with personal issues and was new to photo technology. I have been the sole supporter for my family for 4 years now and the free time to learn new stuff was limited.

The good news is that I DO have a camera and am learning. I am not here to solicite anyone as I have seen on this site, but only to have a friendship with people that I have something in common with. Yes, I do live in Las Vegas and work for a College. What I knew about myself till this point is that I was an upstanding part of this community. Yes, I did make a few mistakes, right Lisa? but I don't want to offend anyone on this site. I think I am on the right track within our community as long as I tell you about my brush with disaster and that you understand. Also I did get some good news from my Doctor so I will be around for a while so I would like to keep the friendships I have made. Forgive me? You will never see me promoting what I am or not selling. Please let me know. Kathy

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15 April 2004 - 07:28 PM

Yep, there is one on ebay Item number: 2238914714


In Topic: Looking For The "jester"

14 April 2004 - 07:35 PM

Thanks Sandra, tried for it but lost big time! huh.gif Please all keep looking!