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Question On Forum Etiquette

03 November 2011 - 01:28 PM

I have extra passes for the sale on the 26th of November in Melville, NY. Where would be the best place to offer this up to the forum and would this be OK?

Solids @ The Stores ...

04 June 2011 - 11:09 AM

I promised on another post to list the compacts I found at the "Cosmetics Company Store" and the warehouse Company store. There a store attached to the warehouse for the employees that they allow warehouse sale attendees to go into. The compacts I list here are all new, full, with box, etc. I have not yet purchased any and may be able to pick up .... however I do not yet have enough posts to sell on this site. I would not wish to violate the rules!

I'm curious if the other "Cosmetics Company Store" sites in the outlet shops have different compacts?

The prices I list are their retail before tax.

The Cosmetics Company Store, Riverhead, NY:

Rock Lobster $200
Beach Treasures $200
Magical Leaf (Dragonfly on Leaf) $200
Fantasy Fish $200

Candycane $68
Dancing Bears $68
Passementerie Bow $68
Radiant Sunflower $68
Holiday Treat $68 (Gingerbread man)
Lollipop Twist $68
Glimmering Take out $68

From the employee store, Hauppauge, NY:

Holiday Stocking $240
Holiday Star $68
Imperial Horse $260
Ocean Liner $240
Cuddly Bunnies $260
Golden Rickshaw $240
Jeweled Jukebox $227
Blue Ribbon Bulldog $260

I will return to the warehouse on the 18th and I have a few extra tickets if anyone is in the Long Island area!