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In Topic: Favorite Single 2004 Solid

08 January 2005 - 09:57 AM

My favorite, since I first laid eyes on it, has been the bustier but money has been very tight this year and I just haven't been able to justify it. Just a few days ago, I was able to work out a trade (with a few extra $$ thrown in) with Woody for my beloved bustier and it's now on it's way across the country! I'm so happy - thanks again Woody!

Actually, I wanted to add why I love the bustier so much. I have collected commercial perfume bottles in general for several years and have a special love for the torso bottles. I have all of the Gaultier corsett bottles, Shiaparelli's torso with measuring tape and flowers under the dome, a bottle called Naughty which shows the top of the frilly lace teddy slightly slipped down on the bust area (gasp!) and a few others - SO, you know this one made my heart race!