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Happy Unbirthday To You

01 June 2013 - 05:15 PM

Hi all...
It's coming up on my birthday and I like to give myself something that makes me feel good about myself... and being generous in a very minor way makes me feel happier than I really deserve to. :rolleyes:/> That's the reason for this post. As I was documenting all my solids (I'm getting ready to donate some of them to a charity I like) I found seven boxes that have no solids: boat ride (both boxes); harrods teddy (both boxes); dazzling gold statue of liberty (gold box); london calling (both boxes); pink tutu (cylinder box and white outside box); romantic edition (gold box); squirrel (both boxes);

I didn't want to just toss them away, because I bet one of you has solids that is missing a box and would like the box. If that's you, then contact me. If you're willing to send me a postage-paid self-addressed box, i'll send you your box back, with your choice of empty box inside it.

Please respond by the end of the week (I don't go online every day but should be back online Thu or Fri). If I get seven different people asking me for seven each, i'll just choose one for each (first come, first served). A very merry unbirthday to my friends at SolidPerfume.com :D/>/>