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In Topic: Beware Of Sizzle Sells On Ebay!

21 October 2010 - 06:31 AM

If this is a failing score I think you need to learn how to do math.
sizzlesells ( 3998) 98.6%

Just the way you are frantically posting shows frustrated you are. Could it be that your frustrated with yourself?

I culd care less what you put here saying it has come from others. Text can be edited to say anything you want it to which is why I always show the entire message. By signing with XXX just shows cowardness. When I post others opinions or statements I used material that has been published and can be proven to have been said. The statements I have posted from you were published on this very site.

I have already admitted that some have been unhappy with my items I never hid that fact in my first posting. But comeone my close to 4000 positive feedbacks show that buyers have been happy. I am sure I know who your good frends are and frankly it doesnt bother my. You can post away for as long as you like.

Why would you try to lie about making refills when it is posted on this site that you did. This is what you told me"

Dear sizzlesells,

Honey, you've got me confused with someone else. I never ever made refills & tried to sell them on Ebay as knock-offs. I will go thru the proper channels to get my refund & will be warning everyone I know about your shady dealings.

- lauderloverr

Then you changed it:

Dear sizzlesells,

Oh, you mean my little kitchen experiment I tried in my own home for one of my compacts? You need to look up the definition of copyright infringement. FYI, what I did in the privacy of my own home on my own compacts does not rise to that level. I didn't try replicating something that was protected under copywrite laws. Let me ask you something, Sherlock, since you sell some compacts that have the real EL fragrance and the ones that have your phony crap, why DON'T you distinguish that fact in your ads? Since you profess to be such an honest person?

- lauderloverr

By the way, as I have said I just began making the refills a few months ago and that wasnt until after my sister showed me the post where you did it FIRST. So thank you for your pioneering work in creating EL fragrance refills. Hats off to you Marianne.

In Topic: Beware Of Sizzle Sells On Ebay!

21 October 2010 - 12:10 AM

Well I just had to sign on and put my 2 cents in here. First I would liek to say that the items lauderlover purchased were requested by her and she even requested me to send her 2 extra refills. So she was aware of the refills.

From: lauderloverr
To: sizzlesells
Subject: lauderloverr has sent a question about :combining shipment for item #180572185443, ending on Nov-08-10 07:03:50 PST - Estee Lauder Perfume Compact Brillant Beach Chair Full
Sent Date: Oct-16-10 06:35:55 PDT
Dear sizzlesells,

Hi again! I just won the party shoes from you and was wondering if you combine shipping if I ordered multiple items? I was interested in the clover necklace, beach chair and Candy Cane for $240 if you would consider. Will send Paypal today too. Thanks for your consideration!

- lauderloverr

From: lauderloverr
To: sizzlesells
Subject: Re: lauderloverr has sent a question about :combining shipment for item #180572185443, ending on Nov-08-10 07:03:50 PST - Estee Lauder Perfume Compact Brillant Beach Chair Full
Sent Date: Oct-16-10 07:37:31 PDT
Dear sizzlesells,

Tell you what, if you can throw in 2 of the solid perfumes you make yourself in Beautiful and Pleasures, you've got a deal.

- lauderloverr

I know this has been gone over several times on these boards without my participation but I will no longer sit in the background. I've read all the other posts on the matter and frankly after this I will not post about the subject again.

I offered lauderlover a refund of all the items after she demanded and threatened me with posting on message boards. She wouldnt even meet halfway. I suggested we cancel all transaction and everyone would be even except we would both be paying approx $7 shipping each. Me for sending to her and her for returning. We could have done a cancel transaction on ebay and my fees would be refunded. Everything would have been even and she would never have to purchase from me again. That sees fair doesnt it. But no. she wanted a refund before returning the items and including shipping to her and back to me. I can enclose all the conversation if need be butwill not do that unless she insists on everyone seeing it.

Now before everyone jumps in with their comments. I want to remind you all that Lauderlover did the same thing in the past by making refills and trying to sell them. I dont want to hear that the $5 she requested was for shipping becuase it doesnt cost that much to ship withu adding handling charges and charges for ingrredients. Lets look back at what she posted:

Past posts:


  Posted 15 October 2008 - 11:24 AM It's been over 3 years since I've actively collected the Estee solids. I have been very busy, but I have to admit, I am disgusted by what I see on Ebay and Estee Lauder's apparent lack of compassion towards their collectors. I get the new Harrod's Bear each year and that's about it with few exceptions. As for the empty solids on Ebay, I know how to make solid perfume and can make something that is pretty close to what they do.


Posted 04 March 2003 - 10:52 AM Wanted to say thanks to Lisa for the info on making the solid perfume! I printed off the ad, got all the ingredients, except the vanilla oil - the most expensive, and made the first one today! As a trial, I just combined the Jojoba oil with some EL pleasures fragrance and added that to the melted beeswax and it came out great!! I just wanted to fill up some of the empty solids in my collection!

If anyone would like me to fill an empty solid in your collection, I would happy to. (you'd cover shipping to/from my place in CA and $5 per solid would cover my cost for the ingredients. I can make the fragrance per the recipe (non-estee) or I can make it with any of the other EL fragrances if preferred. Just indicate which fragrance you want in what solid. It's so much fun! Glad I have the time for this now!

I have been selling the refills for a few months now with ebays permission and they are not an infringement on the estee lauder product ..... I have checked.
Yes I have a few negative feedbacks for the scent not being as strong but I have at least 4 times as many positive feedbacks saying the item is great.
To each their own.
Anyone who asks for a refund on any item I sell will get it upon return of the item. It has been said on this site before that questions should always be asked prior to purchase especially with all the warehouse compacts out there.

I just saw a post the other day where a member was acusing an ebay seller of selling a fake harrods palace because the seller sells empties. Ths is not fair becuase if a seller does sell empties it doesnt mean all their items are from a warehouse. I know alot of sellers that buy on ebay for resale. This is the reason you should always ask questions before purchasing anything . More so if you can not see the item in person.

I wish everyone a good night and hope the administrator locks this topic before it gets like the last one.