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Moving House

27 March 2018 - 05:53 PM

Hi All,


I have recently moved house after 20 years, and before selling I packed away all my solid perfumes so that none would go missing during the house openings to sell the house.


They were all stored in their boxes at the top of my wardrobe.  I didn't count them, but should have.


When I finally sold my house and moved to the new house to unpack them, I found a few to be missing!!  So naturally I am angry that someone has helped themselves to my collection while I was out of the house while RE agents showed my house.


The problem is, I cannot pin the date down, as it was 5 and a half months between storing them and unpacking them in the new house.  It wasn't until I bought a new glass display case and unpacked them all that I realised some were missing:


Definitely Missing (that I know of):  Harrods Double Decker Bus (boo hoo, this was one of my treasures); Great Wall, Harrods Delivery Van, Snow Globe, Jester.  They were all MIBB.


If anyone has seen these on Ebay or some other internet selling site, since last October, please let me know.


I would have known exactly what was missing if my brother hadn't accidentally wiped my computer hard drive which had a full inventory of everything I had on it. This he did in January.  I was not impressed, but didn't think that it would have the impact that it did, now I have missing items and don't know exactly how many I had anymore.


Bit of a double whammy, but no-one died, so obviously a first world problem that I shouldn't complain about.  I am grateful for what I have, but disappointed in some people that they think they have a right to take things from others.  I have a feeling that maybe one at a time would have been taken. People who are interested in buying a house often come back multiple times to 'view'.


I didn't think people looked in the wardrobes (because I don't), but obviously they do, and they would have had to rummage a bit to get these.