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Going To Ebay Tonight

17 December 2006 - 11:40 AM

Ok I am down to the end and I am sending this to Ebay for a BIN at $575 if you are interested I wanted to ask here since you have all been so wonderful to me in the past. None of them have a box

crystal Red Rose - some of the perfume remains but I did take it out due to allergy
Wedding cake - no perfume or bottom sticker
Crystal Trasure CHest - full perfume and bottom sticker
Pink kitty on silver pillow - full perfume and bottom sticker
silver circus elephant - full perfume and bottom sticker
Crystal Longhorn - Full perfume no hang tag
Full hand poker - no perfume no bottom sticker
Crystal watering can-no perfume no bottom sticker

My Sale List And Mailings

18 August 2006 - 12:36 PM

I returned home late last night to Denver after a trip that took on a life - I am sorry for not getting things mailed as I normally do I am not this way my friends check my feedback under Hearts*frogs please. However, the divorce was enough and my mother's fall made things worse and when I got to California my middle daughter found out she was expecting and we spent time in the ER due to some initial concerns. But all is well and the loooong trip of 15 hours straight driving home is over.

I am mailing out things today and I so thank you all because if this divorce sale hadn't happened I wouldn't have been there for my daughter so you are all blessings to me

There are some things lieft and I will update my list this week-end

Lori in Denver

Those Waiting For Solids From Me

01 June 2006 - 08:27 AM

Please accept my apology on the delay of shipping, I know that many of you can vouch for my honest and normal turn around but I have been doing most of my things at night due to a sudden death in the family and I haven't been able to get things out as planned.

Everything paid for with my deepest apology is leaving here today

Lori sad.gif

Best Price On Spring Solids

04 February 2006 - 10:13 PM

Who has the best price on the Peacock and the Humming Bird? I would like to find last years Clown Fish as well