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Happy Birthday Erica !

15 June 2004 - 06:22 AM

Hi Erica !
Wish you a very happy birthday with lots of new solids ( I'm sure they will arrive soon )
biggrin.gif .
Hope you have fine weather today and a big birthday cake. Eat one piece for me - at the moment I have stop eating those things blink.gif my pants are going to get tight ph34r.gif

Best wishes !

Snowman Prototype

14 June 2004 - 06:41 AM

Hi collector friends !
Have you seen that cutie ?


A snowman with a pinkred hat and without pipe - but really nice.


Replacement Crystals From Jay Strongwater

15 March 2004 - 05:25 AM

Hi all together !
Have very good news for all who are collecting Strongwater solids or else from this nice designer.
I purchased a prince charming in january but he had a missing stone. I think all people here can feel what I felt sad.gif at this moment.
I run into all shops here to get a replace, looked at my crystals and asked some members if they have an extra one - nothing.
I remembered the adress of Victoria & Co. in Rhode Island and wrote a letter at the 10.2. 2004. I putted in a picture of my frog and an international reply coupon.
Today now I got a letter from Jay Strongwater with 8 replacement stones !!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

This is the adress:

Jay Strongwater
1 Weingeroff Blvd.
Cranston, RI ( Rhode Island ), 02910

Maybe some of you are searching too for replacements for solids, trinket boxes, frames or else.
Now I have a perfect froggy and all the work has a positive result.
Maybe I could help someone else with this informations cool.gif .

Have a nice week !

Max Factor Solid Perfumes With Pictures

08 February 2004 - 09:13 AM

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif It's done !!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Here now the Max Factor solids. I know that there are a lot more but at the moment I can show you these.

Part 1:

1. Antiqued Cabochon
2. Berried Treasure
3. Bird With Kids ( don’t know if it’s a fake but really cute )
4. Gift Box With Bow
5. Cameo Necklace
6. Cats Meow Necklace
7. Circus Seal
8. Clustered Perling
9. Czarina
10. Dolphin ( similar to the Le Dauphin from Corday but different label )
11. Floral Bouquet
12. Floral Compote

user posted image

Part 2:

1. Flower Basket
2. Flower Cart
3. Creme Perfume Compact ( Flower )
4. French Design ( do not know the exact name )
5. Friendly Frog
6. Golden Fish
7. Golden Keepsake
8. Golden Matchbox
9. Golden Reflections Necklace

user posted image

Part 3:

1. Hippo
2. Honey Bunny
3. Honey Bunny Necklace
4. Jack In The Box
5. Jade Necklace
6. Creme Perfume Compact ( Leaf Clover )
7. Little Fawn
8. Love Token Necklace
9. Loving Heart Necklace
10. Loving Heart

user posted image

Part 4:

1. Lucky Bunny Necklace
2. Moon And Stars ( I don’t know the exact name )
3. Owl
4. Propeller ( I don’t know the exact name )
5. Raccoon
6. Robin’s Basket
7. Rocking Horse
8. Creme Perfume Compact ( Rose )
9. Spring Song

user posted image

Part 5:

1. Strawberry Basket ( don’t know if it’s a real Max Factor but really cute )
2. Teddy Bear
3. Teddy Bear Necklace
4. The Wishing Tree
5. Tiny Tusker
6. Tiny Tusker Necklace
7. Unicorn
8. Walnut
9. Wonder Whale Necklace
10. Zebra

user posted image

Hope you will enjoy these cool.gif

Greetings and best wishes ! wink.gif rolleyes.gif


Corday Solid Perfumes

07 February 2004 - 12:01 PM

Hi all collector friends !
Here is the corday list with pictures I promised. I hope it will work.

Part one :

1. Coin Purse Necklace
2. Glass Intaglio - don't know the exakt name
3. Le Carousel
4. Le Coq D’or
5. Le Cheval
6. Le Clock
7. Le Dauphin
8. La Chasse
9. Le Pot D’or
10. Le Papillon
11. Golden Unicorn

user posted image

Part two :

1. Versailles
2. Whatch Necklace - don't know the exakt name
3. Venus
4. Love Birds
5. Purse and Unicorn Pin
6. Le Tabouret
7. Love Call Whistle
8. Renaissance
9. Signet De Corday

user posted image

Hope that I have time enough soon to make this for the Max Factor solids too.
Hope you enjoy these work biggrin.gif .

Greetings !