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Other solid makers

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#16 Lisa


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Posted 20 July 2003 - 10:56 AM


Thanks for sharing with us, these are fantastic, do tell more!

Where do they come from, where do you get them, etc... [Smile]

#17 Maeuschen



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Posted 20 July 2003 - 01:51 PM

Hi all together !
Today I have a little time to let you know what’s in my miracle database. [Big Grin]
As I started to collect solid perfumes in spring 2000 I started to build up a solid perfume database and it’s growing weekly .
For every company I made a separate file and for every solid made by this company I made a file too.
I picked the pictures and discriptions from ebay auctions websites and so on and at the moment it is one cd full with more than 480 MB. [New Laugh]
I have send one page to Lisa and maybe she can add the complete site [Confused] that you can see what I’m talking about.
A lot of solids are shown with there boxes and so it’s easy for me to control what’s wrong or right with some auctions. I have added some prototypes too. Most solids if shown with there boxes are presented with there correct name – some I have named like they look at.
My database is changing from time to time with updates when I find better discriptions or better pictures to make it more perfect.
For the Estee Lauder files I added the date of produce too and some of them are shown with different boxes.

Hi Ann !
It’s nice to see the solids from Myrna Pons – I had no idea that they are made some.
I think I had to add them too and the St. John`s –from St. John I have only one [Big Grin] .

Here is the contend of my database now from today :

Alyssa Ashley – 1
Avon – 47
Bakelite Container – 5 different wich are not belonging to a special company
Bourjois – 2
Chanel – 1
Charles Revson – 5
Corday – 21
Coty – 2
Davidoff – 1
Dior – 1
Donna Karan – 1
Elizabeth Arden – 2
Erno Lazlo – 1
Estee Lauder – 444
Faberge - 1
Florenza - 8
Fragonard – 3
Fuller Brush Co. – 4
Germaine Monteil – 1
Giorgio Beverly Hills – 1
Goldette – 3
Gryphon – 1
Guy Laroche – 1
Helena Rubinstein – 16
Houbigant – 8
Jafra – 1
Jay Strongwater – 12 ( trinket boxes )
Lancome – 1
Le Monde – 1
Lucien Lelong – 1
Marhill – 1
Mary Chess – 3
Max Factor – 47
Mike and Ally – 2 not sure if these are solids or pillboxes but lovely
Milot – 1
Molinard – 6
M¸lhens – 2
Neiman Marcus – 1
Nina Ricci – 3
Norell – 2
Oscar de la Renta – 1
Paloma Picasso – 1
Pavlova – 1
Payot – 1
Polly Bergen – 1
Prince Matchabelli – 7
Princess Eve – 1
R. Expo – 1
Raphael – 1
Revlon – 16
Sarah Coventry – 2
Schiaparelli – 1
Shiseido – 3
St. John – 1
Trifari – 1
Unbekannt – 40 ( unknown designers and companys )
Vanda – 2
Viviane Woodard - 4

So - lot of work [Wink] .If someone is interested in to get one complete database please send me a private message and I will “burn” one for you. Be sure some of your own pictures are added [Puzzled] .
Incl. Shipping and PAYPAL ( easyest way ) fees worldwide I will take 32 $ US. I will ship
Airmail in a padded envelope.

Best wishes and have fun !


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#18 lauderlady



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Posted 20 July 2003 - 01:54 PM

Too fantastic for words [Eek!] truly lovely.
And i love the Myrna Pons as well.
I feel a bit like "short circuit" in the movie.
Input, input I need more input!!!!
More photo's, where do I buy, how much ??????????
I feel a sending spree coming on!
Thanks for all the info.
Maggie [Cool]

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#19 pancho



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Posted 20 July 2003 - 02:38 PM

Hi everyone.....Roselyn Gerson's book called "Purse Accessories" includes Lipsticks, Mirrors and SOLID PERFUMES.....just about 1/2 of the book is dedicated to solid perfumes listings many, many solid perfume containers by many different companies including: Amway, Avon, Blair, Blanchard, Boots, Carolee, Charles Revson, Cold Corday, Coty, Donna Karan, Faberge, Fuller Brush, Givenchy, Goldette, Guy Laroche, Harriet Hubbard Ayer, Hazel Bishop, Helena Rubenstein, Hermes, Jean Desprez, JPG, Lancome, Lilly Dache, Matchebelli...... (Vanda, Viviane Woodward, Watkins, YSL, Borghese, Revlon, Hudnut....there are too many to list here.....this is a sample...

I have been collecting solid perfumes (including Estee's) for a long time now and have quite a few (maybe 100 or so) different ones. They are all lovely little works of art.

Anyway, the book is wonderful...it is officially called Vintage Contemporary Purse Accessories Identification & Value Guide by Roselyn Gerson! ISBN # 0-89145-790-9 and it has 223 pages and is of course a wonderful book by Roselyn.

Hope this helps......take care, Pancho

#20 Ann and Ken

Ann and Ken

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Posted 20 July 2003 - 06:33 PM

Hi Michaela,

If you took the photos from ebay auctions and other websites I don't think Lisa can use them on her site because of copyright laws. You can use them only if you have permission of the person that took and owns the photo.

Also it is illegal to sell them or even give them away if you don't have permission from the owner of the original photo . It is an infringment of the copyright law.

I am sure you are unaware of this and we would not want you to get in hot water.

Ann & Ken

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#21 Maeuschen



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Posted 22 July 2003 - 02:41 PM

Hi Ann !
Thanks for this hint. It's better I don't burn them for money [Big Grin] . I only want to help and wanted to show how many beautiful solids are available. Some are very excellent workmanship and you know too not so exspensive than the Lauder ones.

Greetings !

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