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Seller cheated me, need advice

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#1 greyhound



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Posted 20 August 2003 - 11:24 PM

This is off topic, but I need help. I purchased a 14k ruby over 3 weeks ago on ebay. The seller said she shipped it (from California). It never arrived and I don't trust her. Here's why:

1) Her auction said she only charges actual shipping prices. Charged $5 for a tiny ring at the end of auction. You can sent it priority for $3.85 or padded mailer cheaper. I'm not complaining about $5, but a 2-3 oz ring doesn't cost $5 to ship. Not a very honest statement on her part.

2) I miss calculated total owed her. I sent $0.85 too much without her notifying me + refunding the difference -OR- notifying me that $0.45 was short and I needed to pay extra for insurance. I assumed I paid enough for insurance. She didn't purchase it and pocketed my $0.85.

I emailed her several days ago. She said she would refund the overpayment, but NEVER did. Another lie. I asked if she purchased delivery confirmation, no answer. Haven't heard from her since.

The seller refuses to accept responsiblity for lost packages and won't refund at least the bid price. I paid with paypal using a credit card. Should I go ahead a file a chargeback? Also, should I file something with ebay? I must act fast because 30 days is almost up. I never had a package lost in the mail, so I doubt this is the 1st. Do you think something suspicious is going on?

#2 KK


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Posted 20 August 2003 - 11:59 PM

Hi Greyhound,
Sorry to hear of your misery. If you feel you've been cheated or swindled I would give the person one more chance to make it right, but tell them what you intend to do.
Now, what I really want to know is it a
14 carat ruby! [Eek!] That's like princess jewelry
I hope it all ends well for you [Smile]

#3 Lisa


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Posted 21 August 2003 - 11:03 AM


Sorry to hear about your bad transaction. Yes, I would file with ebay, Paypal (must be done within 30 days) and contact your credit card company and put in a dispute. From my past experiences my credit card always refunded me my money.

A reputable seller would at least email you back and try to resolve the problem, since the seller isn't cooperating it is your only choice. [Mad]

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Posted 21 August 2003 - 10:20 PM

I recently won an auction for an EL Powder Compact. I emailed the seller the day after I won and heard nothing for 3 days. Then I emailed her again and said that I wanted to be able to use PayPal so I could pay her but how could I pay her if she didn't have listed the shipping amt. or respond to my emails. Long story short it was one of the worst transactions I've ever had to deal with. I too wound up overpaying but bc of her mistakes with PayPal and my rushing out the door. I told her about it and she offered me a discount next time I bought from her. Well I thought that was kind of nervey of her since I was upset with the very poor communication so I asked for a refund. She agreed to it and said that it would be sent out. While I was waiting for the difference in price, I got my compact and one of the pearls came loose in shipping. I wasn't going to say anything until about another week went by and then I emailed her again and asked her when the money was sent and that's when I told her about the pearl. I also told her that I have only left one neutral in my eBay history and have never left a negative. Well, she said that her 5 month old daughter had been in and out of the hospital and put all eBay stuff on the backburner. Frankly I thought she was lying to me. She also said that she would send me via Priority Mail the difference plus another $20. Low and behold she really did send it and much to my surprise I left a positive feedback. I feel bad that I thought the worst of her but you never can tell plus she did not have much of a history with eBay.
I think that you should try contacting the seller 2 more times. One asking if they're still breathing and the other one saying that you're fed up and if they don't rectify the matter within the week you will leave negative fdbck, contact PayPal and eBay. If the seller is a square trader, contact them too. If you're buying jewelry on line, watch out for salstreasures. I know someone who bought something from him and wound up being a ring on hsn.com selling for $15 NOT in the hundreds.

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