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What'S Happening On Ebay?

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Posted 18 July 2013 - 05:33 PM

I feel for you Petals. Nobody should expect an older compact to have usable solid perfume inside. Keeping it in the refrig is a joke as the compacts are meant to be displayed; hence, the browning is what you'd expect. Most of us collectors won't even use the perfume when it's brand new! While you could offer the buyer a partial refund, you could also stand your ground depending on how you feel.

I once ordered an old compact with like new perfume in it & since it didn't smell even close to the EL perfume, I was suspicious of it. I couldn't prove anything so I kept it. I only use the term mint if the compact is full of usable perfume & includes box or boxes. If the compact's existing perfume is anything but, then I'd describe it in my ad...i.e. shrinking, brownish, cracked, unusable, etc. This way, in the unusual event when somebody is buying the compact who plans on using the perfume or expecting it to be in brand-new condition, they'll know. Over the years, Ebay and Paypal have become TOO buyer friendly in that the buyer is almost always right & the seller loses in most cases. Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for buyers. You can say no returns in your ad, but there is always Ebay's buyer protection policy that can make you accept a return. That's why I say in my ads, returns are accepted in accordance with Paypal's policies because they make you do it anyway. I had a lady accuse me of replacing a stone on a solid when I did not. I had two of the same solid. Each solid, had slightly different colored stones so it's hard to find two solids exactly the same. They are hand made & the shade of the crystals vary from solid to solid. I had another one & swapped her out for the other. She preferred the 2nd one I sent, even though that solid had a slightly different shade of stone too. I've had people ask me whether I welded something on underneath! i.e. a leg on a horse or the bull. Obviously this is another result of them being made by different artisans using different shaded stones & I don't know anything about welding but these are all variables among solids. Best thing to do is remind them that solids are made by humans & no two are exactly the same! Hence, slightly varying shades of stones, areas of welding, etc. Tell them you're not responsible for perfection for that reason.

If you are ever a victim of an obvious fraud like me...I bought a multi-stoned solid as an extra and compared it to my original and found 4 stones of different colors & sizes, many of them not fitting into their slots & evidence of some gooey substance, then I'd say you'd have a reasonable basis for a full refund. I feel if a seller sends you something that different from what was described, they should make you whole & refund your shipping as well. While Ebay doesn't always make them refund your shipping, I have found out with Paypal, that if you complain to them, they will often make up the difference & refund shipping - both ways. They told me due to my longevity & good history, they'd refund my shipping without charging the seller. Bottom line is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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