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Summer In England

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 04:42 PM

Well there sure is enough meat on its legs, but do you mind if I give it a miss..... ohmy.gif I have tried frogs legs......the tip is to shut your mind as to what you are eating and they do look better dead than alive.

The only reason that I put up with this one is because he eats my garden slugs.


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Posted 06 April 2008 - 09:24 PM

I HATE those armadillos. I've gone out in my backyard at night, waving my arms and yelling. They just look at me. They're really stupid and one has dug a huge hole in my front garden for the second time. Aha, I am fighting back with a molechaser. It's a tubular metal thing filled with D batteries that emits a sound every few seconds. It's been keeping him away.
I enjoy the little frogs and toads that come out with the rains. It has rained here for 2 days so I hope some may come out. I don't care for the big ugly ones so much.
Chowlover, I enjoyed the fox story. About four years ago my neighbors and I had some foxes with mange in the woods behind our homes. I think we only saved one. She came to my house every night when I whistled. We gave her the 3 doses of medicine (from an animal rehabber). From July thru Nov. I cooked her chicken and fed her every night. I could get within 4 feet of her. A year later I saw her and a kit dead on the side of a nearby highway. It broke my heart. I knew it was her because after recovering from mange, the fur doesn't grow back on the muzzle. But at least we gave her another year of life.

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Posted 15 April 2008 - 10:12 AM

That's really sad!

When I was spending a great deal of time in the W.Indies, there was a stray dog which used to come on the beach. We became friends and she always looked out for me as I also used to feed her. I also took her to the Vet when she had a problem.

Periodically I would return to the U.K. then back to the W.Indies and she was always there to greet me. Then the sad part came when I returned and was told
that she had died. Apparantly she had been poisoned (I don't know who did this)
but obviously by someone who did not like the fact that she was being taken care of.

I cannot tell you how upset I was. She was a true friend indeed.

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Posted 15 April 2008 - 09:58 PM

that is so sad hearing about the dogyou were feeding and yur foxes. I have one dose of the meds in my fox and she will get another Wed night. She sits and waits about 10 ft from my back door until I feed her, so getting the meds into her is not a problem. I can get about 4 ft from Jojo as well. She is fascinated with my 2 Chows. When I walk the dogs on their leashes, she sometimes follows us on our walk. Sometimes she sneaks up to the back kitchen door to take a look inside while I have the Chows out. I think she is trying to grasp the idea that they live inside and she is curious what goes on in here. The last week another fox has show up whom she chases. I spent late Sat night watching and yelling her name when she went to chase the other one away. When I would yell Jojo she would stop. I think she has gotten the idea that there is plenty of food for them both, as the last 2 nights she has left the other one alone when I have fed her. I have yet to determine if this is a male or female. Hopefully she will lift her tail one night and I will be able to see " equipment " if she is a male, or lack of it if she is a female!

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Posted 24 April 2008 - 06:45 PM

Hi Everyone,

It is just like old times again I have missed being on here, after reading all the mailings about animals you find in your gardens I just thought that I would tell you about mine.

After living in Surrey for 40 years we moved up to Norfolk a year ago this Sunday, and it has been from one extreme to the other. Although we had foxes and squirrels in the back garden in Surrey they didn't make half the noise of the critters we have around us now.

I always sleep with my window open, and the first night we were in our new house I never slept as we are in the country-side and have two farms at the bottom of our garden.

First the cockerels started up at 3 a.m. which alerted all the other cockerels in the vacinity, then the Rhias also joined in followed by the seagulls and the rest of the dawn chorous, plus horses neighing in the paddocks. I never thought that I would get any sleep but you do adjust to this rural way of life and now I love it.

Thanks Jacky for making me realise what I was missing ..........Hi Marg.

Love Elly. biggrin.gif



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Posted 28 April 2008 - 09:15 AM

Hi Elly, good to see you back...... laugh.gif

I have an Aunt who lives in the Lake District, Hubby and I go to see her a couple of times a year. There is nothing where she lives only hills and fields...... not even main line gas or water ( the water comes through the taps via her own well and this dries up when there is no rain )

I never sleep very well when I go there, you look out of the window at night and there is just nothing but darkness.......its so black its frightening, not another light to be seen.
We once made the mistake of going at lambing time, all night long BAHHH, BAHHH, BAHHH never again!!!!! I did not get a wink of sleep for a week. I guess on the whole I am a townie and more used to a bit of traffic noise.

At the moment we are being woken up by ducks. Every morning they fly over our house from the river in Derby to a small lake about a quater mile from us......I just wish that they were not so vocal......why do ducks have to quack when they fly..... ph34r.gif


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