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2001 Harrod's Bear

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Posted 22 August 2006 - 06:16 AM

My Carosuel is still at ebay for $1300 which is cheaper than what woody got at $1350. It does not have a make an offer tag on it anymore. I do have a standing offer at 1050 if I decide to sell it for less. I personally hope it is my last solid to sell, as I really really don't want to sell it. I listed 35 solids in my ebay store last nite , wanted to list more but ran out of steam. It takes time to research each solid back for the last three months and then do an average of all the prices of what has sold before to come up with an average price that they are selling for. And ladies not all the solids are selling below cost. The only ones selling cheap are the ones without boxes, missing stones or have no perfume(which normally means they were samples) But the real ones(bought retail) are still doing fairly well. Which is really good news for those of you who do not plan on selling your collection.The value is still there. Another trend that I have noticed is that when a solid evidently goes to the discount stores that EL runs, then for about 3 months at ebay the prices drop as the market is flooded, but after the discount stores run out, the prices slowly creap back up.

The other major price deviation is when a collector goes to one of the ebay drop off stores to sell their collection, and the drop off store doesn't really do their homework on prices as the name of their game is to move product, not ge the most money for the product. Then you can pick up some bargains.

I have now been tracking the market since last october when I started selling my collection because of my financial upset due to the hurricane, and the above is some of the conclussions I have made in tracking the market.

The other thing you ladies need to remember when buying at ebay. The seller loses10- 20% of that money to fees ( ebay and paypal)depending on the price range of the solid. Let me give you an example. Lets say a solid that retails for $250...I bought it at neimans and had to pay texas tax, so my true cost is 270.65....to list a solid in auction format with a gallery pic will cost me
another 2.75 . If I have a reserve of 250 and sell it for 250 then I must pay ebay 8.06in final value fees and paypal 7.55 So I have paid out in fees a total of 18.36....so I have lost 39.01 on my original cost.
You can figure this all out at


So anytime you see a seller that is selling below what you know to be the cost of the solid they are losing money or they bought it cheap somewhere else.
End of ebay lesson for the day.

I do plan to list ever solid I have in my ebay store and I will notify y'all when they are all up...estees and non estees. I also plan to double list them when I am finally finished at craigs list, bluejay, google, ioffer and the big O....so if you need something or want something you can always email me, and I will cancel the auction and sell it to you privately to avoid all the fees at ebay. But don't think they will hang around for a month just because they are on a 30 day listing, as you must consider that I'll be selling the same solid at 5 different places.


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