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How I Spent My Summer Vacation!

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#1 KK


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Posted 11 July 2006 - 11:36 PM

Hadn't chatted for a while and just curious as to what's up.
I haven't had my vacation yet sad.gif sad.gif Let's get out the violins biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
I've been having fun learning about payroll and unemployement taxes blink.gif That's quite a feat for someone who can't count ohmy.gif
Soooooo, I'm settin' around dreaming up vacations. Please tell me about yours.

#2 katita



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Posted 12 July 2006 - 06:48 AM

Hi KK - I haven't had my vacation yet either but I don't have to learn about payroll - I've been doing it for years. I spent yesterday morning with my business accountant - quarterly taxes ya know...dry dry dry!!! wink.gif

I'm going to go the Cape Cod in September - YIPPY! I'm right on the beach! I can't wait! biggrin.gif

Why are you learning about payroll and unemployment taxes? Not vacation material! and not much fun tongue.gif

Other than work and waiting for vacation, I've been ordering some new flowers to plant. I've got black iris and purple lilies coming. I planted an orchid plant and it seems to be doing well but I keep my eye on it. I also started playing around with cacti - I have about 16 of them now in my greenhouse. I love it in there (no phones, no TV, no interruptions) just me and my plants. LOVELY!! smile.gif
My sister-in-law bought me a pink rose bush to plant, beautiful. How 'bout you? anything new on the garden front?

Having fun in New Jersey, (now that we're re-opened) HAHA,





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Posted 12 July 2006 - 09:17 AM

Well that makes three of us waiting for time off.

At the moment I am swapping between learning French taxes - oh la la blink.gif ph34r.gif , and looking after everyone who has decided to take their vacation HERE this year - phew ohmy.gif laugh.gif

We start building a new house in August so looks like I'll just have to enjoy everyone elses vacation stories this year - roll on 2007!!!!! cool.gif tongue.gif

Cape Cod in September sounds dreamy, lucky you Katita.

Oh well back to the stove to cook the books unsure.gif rolleyes.gif biggrin.gif



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Posted 12 July 2006 - 09:17 AM

Hi KK..... smile.gif

My husband and I spent our May holiday in Italy. We stayed at Lake Garda. The weather and hotel were good but unfortunately we found the place to be a little sedate and quiet for us. The one saving grace about the whole holiday was that we got to go to Venice and Verona. We spent about nine hours in Venice, it is the one place that I have always wanted to see and it did not disappoint.....the view form the water bus as you approach Saint Marks Square is one of the best. Our time there went all to quickly but it did give us a small taste of what it was like and as my Husband retires next year we have put it to the top of our list for a three day city break.....can't wait..... laugh.gif

We shall go to Spain in September for a little bit of hot sunshine to set us up for the British winter. I like to go to Spain at this time of the year because the Spanish shops have their sales on and they really know how to reduce their goods......this year on my list is a new pair of boots plus about twenty other things...... wink.gif

Keep on learning KK the more strings you have on your bow the more money you can earn for holidays..... biggrin.gif

Hi Katita...... smile.gif

I do like the sound of the black Iris and purple lilies together. I do love my garden
and this year the foxgloves and poppies have been a picture.

Take care everyone, and as we say,.......Its good to chat..... laugh.gif biggrin.gif wink.gif


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