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Jennifer And The Fairy...a Childrens' Story!

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Posted 24 January 2006 - 10:24 AM

After breakfast Jennifer helped her Mother clear away the dishes, as the last were put away and the table wiped over a very bright shaft of sunlight shone through the window.

Looking out Jennifer's Mother exclaimed, "Quick Jennifer come and look at the rainbow, see how bright it is against the dark sky"

Mother and Daughter stood together at the window. Jennifer's Mother put her arm around her Daughter. "Do you remember when you were a very little girl and I bought you that big bouncy ball" she asked, "It had a face painted on it and you used to say it looked like the man in the moon, and I told you that it had bounced down a rainbow and into our garden."

Smiling to herself Jennifer's Mother moved away from the window, but Jennifer continued to stare at the Rainbow.................

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Posted 24 January 2006 - 12:44 PM

Jennifer ran down the corridor to the playroom.. ''Star Princess, where
are you?'' she called breathlessly, ''I have an idea!'' The toys
hurried out of the cupboard and huddled together on the floor. Jennifer
made room for Star Princess on the stool next to her.

''In a few minutes'' Jennifer began, ''we will be able to see if we can help
Star Princess back to her star!'' ''How , how'' chorused the toys.
''It was raining this morning' Jennifer continued, ''and then the sun tried
to shine, and LOOOOK'' she said, pointing to the window. ''There's a
rainbow'' Mr. Mouse squeaked. ''That's right Mr. Mouse and that's how we
are going to help Star Princess back to her star!''

The toys jiggled about excitedly. Jennifer then turned to Giraffe. ''Giraffe
what you have to do is to help Star Princess climb onto the rainbow.
Star Princess will then be able to walk up the rainbow into the sky until she reaches
her star''.

The toys were very sad to have to say goodbye to Star Princess. ''Will
you try and visit us again?'' they asked. Star Princess smiled a beautiful
smile. ''Yes, I'd love to, but not in a Snowflake!''

Jennifer, Giraffe and Star Princess climbed through the window and into the
garden. Eventually they reached the top of the hill and Jennifer helped Star
Princess on to Giraffe's back. Star Princess then fluttered her wings and
landed daintily on the rainbow. ''Goodbye Jennifer'' she called, 'and goodbye

Giraffe and Jennifer walked slowly back to the playroom. The toys were
still watching as Star Princess disappeared above the clouds and home to the




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Posted 24 January 2006 - 02:21 PM

AHHHHHHHHHHHH smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 08:10 AM

I've been away for a while and just finished reading this lovely story. Great Job!!! biggrin.gif

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 09:50 AM

Thanks Jacqueline! Good Job! biggrin.gif

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Posted 25 January 2006 - 10:22 AM

Thank you too, Queenie and Margaret. Also KK and Katita....

Think the next one has to be an X-rated, so anyone want to
make a start?


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Posted 27 January 2006 - 07:08 AM

Well done to all of you, I was very interested to see how it ended Jacky.

Have had some problems downloading all my info from PC to my new Apple i Mac, so I have just caught up with all my mail.

Will be well intrigued with your next saga! wink.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

May even join in!!!


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