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''aliens From Outer Space'' Story

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Posted 16 August 2005 - 11:57 AM

''What!'' Laura gasped, virtually snatching the newspaper out of his hand. 'I
don't believe this! It can't be!' David stared at her, his face registering
horror and bewilderment. ''We could have been there!'' he pointed
to the picture on the front page, 'We could have been there Laura and all
those children and families. I just can't believe this!''

Laura anxiously reached for the phone. 'Hello' a sleepy voice answered.
'Chrissy'' Laura stammered, 'have you seen this morning's paper?' Chrissy
hesitated trying to catch up with Laura's words. 'Sorry Laura. I must have
been in a deep sleep! Now tell me which paper are you talking about, and
also why?'' 'Oh Chrissy!'' Laura cried, 'it's just too dreadful for words.
I have all the Sunday papers.. Look at them Chrissy, please!'
'Alright Laura, just give me a while and I'll call you back. Are you O.K.?'
'Yes, yes' Laura answered, shrugging her shoulders at David's enquiring

Laura turned to David. ''Seems I woke them up but honestly David,
I don't think they will mind. Not after they have seen the ghastly news!'

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Posted 16 August 2005 - 03:58 PM

Meow's pitiful cry echoed throughout the old shop as she
dragged her tired body across the dusty floorboards. She desperately
needed somewhere to lie. Her once shiny coat was now a tangled
mass of singed fur and white bald patches covered her back, pus seeping
through crusted skin.

The night had not gone well. Flames had enveloped her as she tried to escape from the turmoil around. She could still hear the screams and
see the faces as she jumped back and forth, claws splayed, outstretched, fanning the heat of the flames which darted upwards and outwards around her .

And now she wanted to rest. Wanted to rid herself of this monster which
lurked within eating away at her heart, her soul, her very existence. But she knew this was not to be. She knew that with its dying she would die too.

Meow closed her eyes feeling an overwhelming sadness for what might have been. A place where she would have belonged and loved . She twitched again and slept, the tarot card of death her pillow......



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Posted 17 August 2005 - 10:15 AM

With strong cups of black coffee in hand Laura and David spread out the newspapers on the kitchen table.

"It's a wonder that no one was killed, just look at the photo's David!" she exclaimed. Together they turned the pages over, each new picture of the fire seemed to be more horrible than the last, at the very last pisture Laura burst into tears, "OH David" she cried "Look at the circus tent burning we could have all been killed"

Davids voice took on a stern edge, "Now just pull yourself together Laura; nobody has been hurt and we have all been very lucky, lets just count our blessings that we all got home safely." Taking a large gulp of her coffee Laura fought to control herself, "Yes you are right" she said, "But I do feel very, very shaken up I think that I will have a rest today, I wonder what Chrissie and Mark will think when they see the newspapers?"

Sitting down at her computer Laura smiled as she went into the SolidPerfume data base."This will cheer me up" she thought as she came across all the toy perfumes.

In the corner of the screen unseen by Laura the little round face with the vacant eyes was watching, glancing first at her then at each of the solidperfume toys as they came onto the screen.

The phone rang. "Get that can you David" Laura called out not wishing to be disturbed "It will be Chrissie or Mark ringing back.

When David came back into the room Laura turned to him, "What did they say David"she asked "Have they seen the reports of the fire in the papers"
David looked at her, " Laura they say that there is no report of any circus fire in their newspapers and they have got the same ones as us"....................


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 02:24 AM

'Well that's one mystery solved!' David said pouring himself a cup of hot fresh coffee. He had just returned from a walk to the corner shop in the village and was now looking forward to a well deserved day of relaxation. 'Seems like Mark and Chrissy must have had the early morning editions, so that explains the front page stories. Nothing more sinister than that eh!' 'God, I never thought of that' Laura sighed. 'I'll call Chrissy and tell her.''


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 04:17 AM

Meow awoke suddenly, startled by the sound of someone or
something nearby. 'It's only me'' the old man called. 'Saw you sleeping.
Sleeping like a baby you was.....'' he grunted. 'Sleeping like you never
had a care in the world!' The old man laughed. ''Funny how you
come back 'ere. Funny how one minute you was with me, then the next
minute you was gorn. I'll tell ya something'' he continued,
'I'll tell ya something but ya already know it dont ya? I'm an old man. Look
at me hands. Old and gnarled they might be. But I'll tell ya something little
Miss Cat.....these are kind hands.......kind hands that know too much for
their own good. Magic hands you could call 'em. Magic hands that
reads the cards.......reads the future........knows the past! I tell ya
something..........not many folks can do that round here. Not many
folks have the gift of magic potions and lotions......cos I'm gifted ya know.
I can see things many cant........and you......well you are something else!
You're not the same cat that I knew'' he paused, scratching the side of his
head in bewilderment , ''you changed......and look at you now. Look at your fur, all matted and worn. Don't know what you been up to but dont think you been up to good!' He bent down gently placing a saucer of milk on the
wooden floor. ''What's this then?' he said at the same time picking up the tarrot card, 'What's this all about then......?'' He stared at the picture of Death.
Looks to me as if you're going to get yourself into more trouble. That's what
it looks like to me!'

Meow looked up at him. She was feeling much stronger now. She couldn't
feel this thing inside her wanting to get out. It was still there. Just quietened
with the night. Quietened now that she had rested and was being fed.
The Old Man beckoned to her. 'Come (h)ere Miss Cat. Let me put some
of me magic potion and lotion on yer back. We'll 'ave you back to how
yer looked before in no time. See' he chuckled, 'what did I tell yer about
me magic hands...

Meow grinned. A wide sarcastic grin. 'stupid old man' she muttered to
herself. 'Stupid old man'' as she preened herself once more............


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 04:50 AM

Hello Everyone, Margaret is going to do the next post....beginning of Chapter II
soooooooo if anyone is interested to join in after that.......would love to have
you all on board! ph34r.gif



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Posted 20 August 2005 - 05:12 AM

CHAPTER TWO..........

After a few days Meow began to feel restless again and while the old man was busy in the shop she took her chance to escape.

The sun was shining and the air fresh, walking down the tree lined streets Meow felt good, it was time to find another family she thought and looking around she pondered on which house to choose.......... ohmy.gif


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Posted 22 August 2005 - 02:54 PM

DON'T BE SCARED ph34r.gif

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Posted 22 August 2005 - 03:10 PM

Meow walked through town, her fur was becoming itchy as she healed. She needed another family to take her in and she knew her time was growing short. It would soon be time for her to feed again. House after house, she was getting impatient. What in the world do all these humans see in DOGS anyway. Meow hated DOGS. She wanted a home with no other animals. Other cats always knew she was different from them. They gave her a hard time about it too. Soon Meow found herself by a dead end street. Mmmm...she pondered...I wonder who lives down this street....the backyards are forested and it is near the edge of town (good for her)..I think I'll mosey on down here and have a look.

At the edge of town, on a dead-end street, two men sit on their porch and wait. "Do you think we'll really find any evidence here, in this town? Seems we're wasting our time" one of them said. "I don't think so", the other answered, "see what I see coming our way, it's that darn cat again. I KNOW they are here" he said and waited for Meow as she walked slowly down the street.

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Posted 22 August 2005 - 05:04 PM

Meow stared at the two men sitting on the porch. She had seen them before. Watched them from the corner of her bright cat's eyes. Watched them as
they watched her slinking along in the darkness. She tried to hear their
conversation but their voices were low and distant.

'That darn Cat gives me the creeps' one said. 'Yeh, a black cat too!' the other replied. 'Black Cats are s'posed to be lucky. Maybe it will be lucky for us!'
'Here Kitty Kat, here.......'

Meow heard their faint calls. Heard them calling to her. She hesitated. ..........



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Posted 23 August 2005 - 08:30 AM

The alien inside Meow stirred and sharpened her feline senses, she needed a refuge more than ever now, backing away from the two men she jumped over a small white painted gate. Tail high over her back and black coat reflecting red in the late evening sun she set off up the path to the house.

From the cover of the trees she watched.......Two small fair haired children were playing in the garden. "Children"thought Meow, "I hate children, they pull my tail and whiskers and never leave me alone but I do need a place to stay for a while, and this could be my chance to get my own back and play a few nasty tricks."......The cat broke her cover and stepped into the small garden.

The children saw her at once, "look John look," shouted the little girl, "A cat and she is just beautiful." The little boy ran over and together they began to pet Meow.
"Im Jenny" said the little girl "And this is my brother John we are twins." Meow let the children fuss her taking in their kind faces and gentle hands, perhaps it would not be so bad after all she decided.....Yes she would stay.

A tall fair haired young women appeared at the back door "What have you got their children?" she asked, "Can we keep her Mummy, can we, do let us, they both cried in unison,"She does like us and we like her so much."
The young women looked down and smiled at the children. "Well she might have a home but she could stay with us for the time being if you want, come on now it's time for bed, and I had better find your little friend some food."

Meow entered the house with the small family and looked around her "This will do very well for the time being" she told herself sniffing the air.........Even better,

There was no smell of men, women were so much easier to fool..........


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Posted 24 August 2005 - 03:47 AM

Meow padded around the house, room by room, unable to contain her curiosity any longer. The evening seemed to stretch forever and she was relieved to be
rid of the children with their fawning and fussing and constant attention. 'Brats! Spoiled brats!' she hissed, scratching behind her ear trying
to rid the sensation of their fingers running through her fur. SHe had endured enough, more than enough for one night and now was her opportunity to explore. She knew 'THEY' must be around somewhere as there was always a reason for everything she did. She knew 'THEY' were watching her, waiting curiously for her arrival, the same way as the Circus anticipated her coming! What upheaval was in store now she thought as she peered behind a half closed door.

The sound of heavy snoring was a signal for her to move on. 'Aaah' she grinned, entering a room strewn with toys. Such an array of toys! Toys waiting patiently for her to appear. Waiting to greet her. 'Spoiled Brats!' she hissed again.....

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Posted 24 August 2005 - 05:36 PM

With eyes glinting in the dark Meow looked around her. Yes they were here, the thing inside her had guided her well, the toys were waiting, waiting for her to bring them to life, no longer trapped inside a computer she would free them at last.

With one last glance at the toy room door to make sure she was safe Meow began to inspect the lifeless toys. A lick and a light touch of the paw to all of them and her friends began to come to life......slowly, so slowly eyes began to open and lifeless limbs began to move.......Meow sat in the middle of the playroom floor and waited patiently.

The change now complete Meow's eyes alighted on her name-sake, her twin and very own dopple-ganger THE CATS MEOW. "Time to take my place my friend" she wispered, "You must lead this merry little band tonight and continue to do our distruptive work, soon I will have to leave you, it will not be safe for me to stay."

The name- sake knew what she must do, with a nod at the DOLLS HOUSE the doll began to stand, its arms and legs jerking and its eyes staring vacantly ahead, the rose bud mouth opened showing two rows of little sharp pointed teeth.

Next were the TEDDIES, standing up on their hind legs they began to grow long matted fur and claws, taking on the ursine features of their long lost ancestors.

The JACK IN THE BOX popped up and down at a frantic rate, only to be matched by the ROCKING HORSE, backwards and forwards it went trying to win some non-existent race, on and on it rocked nostrils flaring....... going nowhere.

Soon the line up was complete. At the head of the procession the DRUM took up it's position, invisible hands lifted the sticks high in the air as it began to beat out a relentless tattoo.......Very slowly the evil toys began to make their way out of the toy room.

Jumping out of an opened window Meow looked back, "Time to go now"she thought, "Perhaps I will come back in the morning, just to see what mayhem has been caused"...........


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Posted 25 August 2005 - 05:18 PM

Meow did not know what lie ahead for him..... As he jumped out the second story window he fell into the Beehive and then the Jeweled Beehive, almost instantly.
Meow then dived on into the Birdhouse then next Meow came crashing into the Bird in Bloom just pass the Jeweled Nest Egg. Just when he thought his pain was over he landed into the Birdbath and then the last final blow was when he fell straight into the Cactus.
Meow pulled himself out of the Cactus and thought to himself, and here I thought my experience at the Circus fire was bad.
Dragging himself away, he thought....................................

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Posted 30 August 2005 - 08:17 AM

A little belatedly, but thanks for joining Queenie... smile.gif

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