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''aliens From Outer Space'' Story

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 01:42 PM

The rest of the week Laura buried herself in her work, she wad a workshop to attend of Friday all about setting up a business so she was hoping to be well prepared.
It would also give her the chance to get the photo printed for Claudine and maybe even find a nice frame.
On the Friday morning she dropped the CD with the photo into the local camera shop and said she would be back after lunch to collect it ñ then it was off to college.

Although there was lots of new things for Laura to take in she really enjoyed the workshop, she felt it would make her focus clearly and made her more resolute to get the business off the ground.

The small photo shop was closed for lunch so Laura hesded for the department store ñ it would be a good place to start looking for a frame. As she entered the main door she was overwhelmed by that fragrance ñ the same one inside her heart. I wonder, she thought to herself, and headed for the Estee Lauder counter. Among all the make-up and perfumes was a small glass display cabinet and inside were six beautiful solid perfumes. They were all minatures of animals, cats, dogs and even a frog.

A few minutes later she was heading up to the second floor where the picture frames would be, and tightly grasped in her hand was a bag containing her beautiful minature cat.

The frames were pretty ordinary so she continued through the store. Finding herself in the crystal section she noticed some beautiful crystal frames ñ perfect, Claudine loves crystal.

Very pleased with herself she headed back to collect the print and entered the shop. When the assistant finished with the lady in front of her he called into the back for the manager.
" Is there a problem " Laura asked looking puzzled.
The manager looked at her " well it was a bit odd, we printed the photo out for you but there were wome strange images within the print. Iíve never seen anything like it before and thought there must be a problem with either your photo or your CD. I checked them out and couldnít find anything so I printed another on and this one came out pin sharp, " he passed her the picture.

" Well this is just perfect, I havenít a clue what may have happened first, Iíll pay you for both though", she offered.
" No, I wouldnít dream of it ", he replied " but can I ask you where it was taken, it looks so peaceful ".
" It is, I took it on our recent holiday in France, and we had the most wonderful time " .

Laura paid the assistant, thanked them both and looking at her watch went quickly home.

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 07:13 PM

smile.gif Ahhhh . . . the plot thickens!

Nice reading, gals!! biggrin.gif

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Posted 04 August 2005 - 11:42 PM


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Posted 05 August 2005 - 04:29 AM

David arrived home later that evening to find a happy and exhiliarated
wife. ''You look just like the cat that's eaten the cream!'' he said
jokingly kissing her on the cheek. 'Seems as though you've had a
good day!'' Laura smiled, dying to show him her latest
acquisitions and to tell him all her news.

''Your cooking makes me wonder why we ever have to eat out' he sighed
as he sank down into his favourite chair. It was true.
Laura's cooking was excellent. In time he could see
her business would be in great demand and deep down
was a little concerned that it would intrude into their private life. Not
that he was a jealous or possessive man. On the contrary! He and
Laura fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Everyone could see that.
They did have one or two different interests, which was also a healthy factor
in their relationship,
but on the whole they shared most things. The
bottom line, he admitted to himself, was the fact that he enjoyed her
being there for HIM and did not want to share her........not even with a
thriving business. 'What do you think of the frame?' Laura asked, holding
it up for him to see. 'That's nice'' David remarked, as Laura
continued to rummage amongst the packages. 'Here's the photograph
that we chose. Oh!'' David looked up questioningly, ''I forgot to
mention' Laura continued, 'when they printed the pictures they had a problem
with the first one. Here!'' Laura handed David the large brown envelope

''I thought you were giving Claudine the picture of the sunset?' 'I am' Laura
replied. 'Then why is the second picture of the lightening?'' Laura
looked puzzled. 'Let me see' she said, taking the pictures from him.
'I must have given them two prints instead of the one. They told me
the first print had marks or something on it.'' Laura stared at the
lightening zig=zagging the night sky. 'David, these marks look like
empty blotches.. How strange. They look as though they've been
rubbed off the surface somehow!'' 'Well I have something else to show you!'
Laura picked up the small package from the coffee table. ....

''What was that?'' David turned his head towards the patio door. ''What was what?'' Laura exclaimed, anxiously waiting for David to unwrap the parcel. ''I thought I heard something scratching outside!'' Laura opened the long french glass door window. 'Oh David. Look at this! Isn't it sweet.'' ''Hello kitty, kitty cat! What brings you here!' With one big leap, Kitty Kitty cat
entered the room...........'Oh David. Isn't she adorable' Laura exclaimed,
fussing over the kitten. .........the small package now long forgotten!!

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Posted 05 August 2005 - 10:39 AM

"looks like you have got a new friend" remarked David who was not overly fond of cats but would indulge his beautiful, clever wife in anything she wanted, "Talking of friends, have you phoned Chrissie yet? was'nt she going to take you to that antique shop where they sometimes have the solid perfumes"

Davids remark made Laura remember the small package that had got put to one side in the excitement of the arrival of the cat. With great care she unpacked it and held it up for David to see.

"Look"David,"Its called THE CATS MEOW. David ruffled her hair, "Two cats in one day" he joked "What are you going to call the real one"? Just as he had asked Laura the question a loud meow made them both look down, Laura smiled at the cat, "Dont worry little one we have not forgotton you, thats it David! I will call the cat Meow after my new perfume solid"

Laura placed the little cat solid in her glass cabinet, the very first one I have bought for myself she thought as she picked up the phone to ring Chrissie. After arranging to meet her in town the next day Laura found the little cat a large portion of minced chicken and placing a soft warm blanket on the chair for it to sleep on, turned out the light and went upto bed, "Night night little meow she called after her.

In the dead of night the little cat purred with contentment, it had at last found a good home with Laura and David........From the glass cabinet two soleless eyes watched it with hatred...... ohmy.gif

The next morning on the way to meet Chrissie, Laura stopped off at the Post Office to sent the pictures to Claudine, "I do hope she will like them"she thought as she waved to Chrissie on the other side of the street. The two women hugged and kissed like two old friends who are easy in each others company, when they got to the shop Chrissie explained to Laura that the shopkeeper was a little odd to say the least...... blink.gif laughing Laura opened the door, as she did so she glanced up at the name of the shop......THE CATS MEOW.............. ph34r.gif




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Posted 07 August 2005 - 10:28 AM

It was a curious old shop, with lots of little nooks and crannies crammed with all sorts of what ñ junk, antiques, - whatever . Laura and Chrissie took their time looking into all the display cabinets but to no avail. This time is seemed they were out of luck. Laura turned and as she did she stumbled over an old shoe box laying on the floor.
" Are you okay Laura? " Chrissie asked. "Yes, fine it was just this old box ," she replied as she picked the box up. It too was full of bits of old jewellry, photographs, postcards ñ but what was that at the bottom under the postcards. She rummaged in the box and out came what she hoped was another solid.

"Chrissy, look," she said excitedly, "do you think it is one ?"

Chrissy took the cat, brushed it over with her blouse and confirmed it was. She thought it was an Ivory cat ñ quite the most ugly cat she had ever seen, but definitely a solid.

"Well it seems I am beseiged by cats," Laura sighed, "of course I have to have it".

They took the cat to the owner to pay and asked how much it was. He seemed a little far away, not quite with it. In his twisted, bony old hand the cat looked even uglier and the girls began to get the giggles.

"Give me a fiver and then I can close for the day", he looked as though he had been disturbed and wasnít very happy.

Chrissy and Laura just stood outside The Cats Meow for ages, laughing ñ it had been such good fun.

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 02:26 PM

Laura sighed, kicking off one shoe and then the next. It had been a great afternoon and she had enjoyed Chrissy's company enormously.
She thought about the little shop. It reminded her of something she had
read as a child. A Charles Dickens novel, 'The Old Curiosity Shop'. Yes
that was it, although she could not remember the story now.

The inside of the shop had been musty and dark with one old wooden alcove leading into another by way of small passageways and short wooden stairs.
Packs of tarot cards were placed neatly on round rickety tables together
with small bottles and pots labelled Magic Potions. There were books,
shelves and shelves of musty books which looked as though they had
never been moved for years on end, the dust rising in tiny puffs at the
slightest touch. 'God! What was that!'' Laura jumped, feeling something
warm and furry against her legs..... 'Hello Meow' she said, gently
stroking her arched back. 'I'd forgotten all about you! I'm so sorry'
She scooped her up holding her close. Kitty kat purred self-indulgently
nuzzling Laura's hand. 'Guess what I found today' Laura smiled,
'another little kitty kat for your playmate in the display cabinet!'' She placed
Meow gently on the floor before removing the small solid perfume
from her handbag. Carefully opening the display case, she placed
the ivory cat on the shelf moving her jewelled heart to the opposite side.
A sickening screech made her turn as Meow clawed at the air before
disappearing out of the patio door! 'Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat' Laura
called, running to see where Meow had disappeared to but she was
gone. No matter how many times Laura called, there was no sign
of her little bundle of fur. By the time David returned that evening,
Laura was at her wits end wondering where she had gone and WHY!

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Posted 07 August 2005 - 04:32 PM

'She'll be back Laura. Don't be sad! Listen' David continued, drawing
Laura close to him. 'I'll take you to the Animal Rescue Centre and you
can choose a kitten that needs a home. How about that?'
Laura smiled. 'It's OK David. Really. It's just that it was so very
unusual how the kitten reacted. It was as if...........as if she was
frightened of something that I could not see........something unexplained!'' 'Come on Laura,
you know how it is with animals and the way they react. They have
different perceptions to ours.' 'Yes David. I know you are right. It's
just the thought of her roaming the streets when she could be here
being loved and cared for'' Laura paused 'You know what?' she
continued, 'After dinner I am going to spend some time on the computer.
That will take my mind off everything. And later, perhaps we can
play some backgammon or watch a movie!' 'That's my girl!' David
grinned. 'Now let's have dinner and relax over a glass of wine!''

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Posted 09 August 2005 - 01:04 PM

Over the next few days Laura sensed the house felt a little empty, her beautiful kitten had only been with them a few days but she had really become attached to her. As her mind wandered she desperately hoped nothing serious had happened to Meow ñ and that she would return soon.

She had nothing pressing to do today ñ even her paperwork was up to date, it was time for Laura to relax. The computer whirred gently and chirruped when the modem connected, and there she was again ñ Solidperfume.com.

Because she had time Laura began looking through the database and was amazed at the range of different solids and themes. She was drawn to the circus themed miniatures, beautiful Elephants, A Big Top, Clowns and evena Juggling Seal . Just delightful !

But then she had a shiver run down her back, she saw the Jester and somehow he reminded her of the grumpy old man at The Cats Meow. That thought brought her to an abrupt stop ñ another day maybe.

While the computer was still on she decided to look again at her photos of the storm ñ maybe there had been a problem with one of them. But this time as she looked closely there was nothing to be seen ñ hmmm.

All of a sudden the computer started making an odd noise ñ she had never heard it do that before ñ and as she reached for the mouse to reboot everything went blank !

She heard David open the door and call to her. " Iím in the study darling, the computer has just had a tantrum" .
David was laughing as he came to join his wife " you and that computer, one of these days Iíll get home and youíll be inside it ", he joked, " whatís for dinner Laura, Iím starving, I only managed a quick sandwich for lunch ".

With that all thoughts of everything else went out of Lauras head, she had a new dessert recipe she was trying out on David tonight ñ a rich, dark, chocolate fondant cake, iced with silver stars. She called it her " Starry Nights " gateau.

During dinner David told her he had a real treat lined up for the weekend, there was a travelling circus arriving in the village and he had got tickets for them along with Mark and Chrissy.

" I canít wait to see it darling, I havenít been to the circus since I was a child ", David said excitedly.
" Well it should be a real hoot, especially with Mark and Chrissy along, just so long as we donít get picked out of the audience to get sawn in half or something ", she replied laughing.

" And as for this cake, itís just tremendous ", he was scraping the last morcel from his dish.
" Of course its heavenly David, I made it for you, but itís not a cake, itís my Starry Nights Gateau, she replied pretending to be offended. "For that you get to do the washing up tonight ".



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Posted 09 August 2005 - 01:41 PM

Laura was very upset about the loss of Meow,but soon consoled herself with the thought that the little cat probably already had a good home and had simply decided to return to it.
"You know what cats are like" she told David "They do like to be free and I bet its gone to see if there's anything better on offer elsewhere"

After dinner,taking the last of her wine with her Laura sat down at the computer, moving the photo's of the lightning to one side of her desk Laura went into the SolidPerfume data base to find out what her new solid was called........... Her eyes drifted back to the photo's. "Silly things, its got to be a trick of the camera, I'm not going to let them bother me anymore" she told herself.

Back in the data base Laura's eye was taken by the CIRCUS CLOWN and excitably she called David over to see it for himself. "Thats the clown that was in Claudine's glass case" she told him, "I wonder if I will ever own one", "I'm sure you will" laughed David kissing the top of her head, "It's getting late and I have to be up early in the morning" he told her "Don't stay on that computer too long now"

Glad to be on her own with her new hobby Laura returned to the data base, but before she could look again her eyes were drawn to the photos on the desk once more. "Darn things, why do they keep drawing my attention" and with that she opened the desk draw and threw the photos in and slammed the draw shut. With her peaceful mood disturbed Laura deceided to follow David to bed.


In the dead of night the cat crawled out of the dustbin where it had hidden, it's once pretty little face was distorted by a curled up lip and long yellow teeth. The remains of a rancid piece of fish hung from its mouth.......... ph34r.gif





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Posted 09 August 2005 - 01:55 PM

OOPS TWO STORIES COMING IN AT THE SAME TIME........ ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif


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Posted 09 August 2005 - 03:03 PM



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Posted 09 August 2005 - 03:30 PM

[B][I]The town was quiet and deserted as Meow made her way along the
winding cobbled streets. She could see people through the half lit
windows of their homes, relaxing, enjoying televison or busy with chores
before retiring for the night.

She didn't like people. She wanted to reach out and scratch them with
extended claws. She felt no empathy towards anyone and the thought
of a human carressing her black silky coat, filled her with loathing!

Her tiny body arched in disgust as a rat ran across her path disappearing
into the sewers below. 'Rats, rats, rats!' she spat the words out of her
mouth disengaging the rancid fish which had wrapped its flesh around her
long yellow teeth. The local Chippy were always chucking uneaten
portions of fish and chips in the dirty green dustbin of their backyard.
But she knew she had to be quick. Quick as a flash of lightening to
enjoy the feast. Quick, slippery quick before the dustmen arrived
in the wee hours of the morning emptying everything as they made
their way through the town cleaning and clearing....

Meow glanced upwards towards the sky. The full moon was partially
hidden by clouds and the odd star shone through twinkling and
reflecting in the night sky. Meow's eyes followed the light. Cats eyes.
Eyes taking in every movement, every shadow, every creature which
crossed her path. She spat making a gutteral noise her paw rubbing aginst
the side of her mouth.

She had no thoughts for Laura and David. No thoughts for the comfortable
surrounds and the small plate of minced chicken set before her like
a queen......No. She spat again, then hissed at the familiar shape
of a Tom Cat on the prowl. Tom Cat stared at Meow, wide eyed,
back arched, hair raised in fear.

Who was this She cat? This She cat was not one he would want
to mess with. Meow glared back, daring him to come near.......
then with one screech and hollow cry, Tom Cat was gone.

Meow watched him in the distance before settling down in the doorway
of the old shop. 'This is where I belong' she scratched on the small
mat outside the front of the door. Then rubbing her body along the
wooden frame, settled down to sleep..

It would not be long before dawn beckoned.....

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Posted 09 August 2005 - 05:25 PM

ohmy.gif Oohhhh! It's a bit early for Halloween, isn't it? This is getting scary!! ohmy.gif



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Posted 10 August 2005 - 08:51 AM

"Well, Well your back are you" said the shopkeeper as he opened the door the next morning."what poor trusting family have you been fooling this time?" The cat looked at him flexed her claws and wandered in. "Give you a pretty name did they, something like Fluffy or Bag Puss. sometimes I think you long for a normal life and not an alien one"

The cat jumped onto the counter and settled down on a pile of tarrot cards. "Sat in your usual place I see" said the shopkeeper, "Well don't expect any food from me, you can go out and fend for yourself"

From her place on the counter the cat looked around the shop, her evil eyes alighted on the circus poster that was displayed on the back of the shop door. The shopkeeper followed her gaze. "Ahhhhhhh so you have noticed it have you, yes your friends are back in town, I remember last year how you took a shine to that CLOWN and the trapeze artist in the CIRCUS TENT you never came home for two weeks and now I suppose it will all start again"............... ohmy.gif

Laura was disturbed from her work by a knock on the door, opening it she found the postman holding out a large box to her."I was'nt expecting anything today" she explained to him and taking the box into the kitchen settled down to open it. Inside the box was a small card from Claudine.

Dear Laura, (it read)
Please take care of my solids for me, we are moving house
and I have nowhere to put them at the moment.....
Love from, Claudine

Laura was delighted to be the guardian of such treasures and loveingley placed each one in her glass case, standing back to admire them,
the whole circus range stared back at her.......... dry.gif

At the shop the cat awoke from a fitfull sleep, it felt as if something was calling it.....and it knew what it was. Leaping from the counter it took advantage of the open shop door way and shot through it scattering the tarot cards as it went, the shopkeeper picked up the cards and placing the last card on the pile.......The face of death looked back at him.

Keeping to the shadows the cat made it's way through the town. "Might as well have a bit of fun on my way" she thought. Looking around she saw a large barrow of melons that had just come over from France, they were piled high ready for sale in the market, taking a flying leap the cat landed on the very top and the melons fell like ten pin skittles into the road. Cars crashed into each other trying to avoid them as the melons rolled around the market.

The cat looked back smirking at the devastation it had caused...... and continued on its way to find the circus.


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