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Solid Perfumes for Sale

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Parma Paisley 1974
Has some perfume remaining, label had compeltely faded on back
Seller: LisaPrice: $35

Kitten (blue crystal collar) 1995/96
White Linen, enamel has yellowed with age, has perfume and label, no box
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

1997 Prince Charming
Full of original White Linen perfume which has shrunk with age... has label on bottom... no box.... perfect condition with all crystals intact
Seller: LisaPrice: $150

Lucidity "Basket Weave" powder compact
Feautres unuded Lucidity transparent pressed powder... had original powder puff with clear plastic disc... comes in velvet pouch with gold Las Vegas style box... perfect condition
Seller: LisaPrice: $50

Is full of original White Linen perfume... has white label on box... excellent condition
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

This solid has original perfume, which has shrunk with age... has label on back.... no box... pretty! Has all pearls intact
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

1992 "Golden Elephant"
This solid is missing perfume.. it was once filled... had no label or box... red eye.... some wear on gold...
Seller: LisaPrice: $40

Cinnabar "Frog Compact"
This solid does have original perfume inside... has label on bottom but no box....Excellent condition
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

1995 "Yorkie"
This solid has original perfume and original box... missing hang tag around neck
Seller: LisaPrice: $80

1992 "Scottie"
Is full with original Tuscany Per Donna perfume... no label or hang tag... comes in Tuscany Per Donna box
Seller: LisaPrice: $85

1996 "Puppies"
This solid has original Pleasures perfume and comes in original box... looks to be very faded... the once pink bow now looks white... all of these solids have discolored.
Seller: LisaPrice: $60

1996 "Pig Heaven"
This compact is the gold tone pig from Las Vegas... has original Beautiful perfume and label on bottom.. comes in original gold box
Seller: LisaPrice: $125

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